Tips and information for Building in Sansar.

  1. Software Specific Tips
3DS Max

Important Numbers

Sansar uses real life sizes. Make sure you set your 3D software to the dimensions that you prefer. You may create in either Metric or Imperial dimensions. In either case, the size will not change when you import it into Sansar.

The dimensions (measurements) of your model are not shown in the edit window in Sansar. You can scale your object in Sansar with a slider or a numeric factor. The scaling of the object is always in relation to the size it was when it was imported into Sansar. You will not be able to read the actual dimensions of your object in the edit window. The scale ranges from 0.1x to 10.0x. This will give you an idea of the size that your model should be when it is created and exported from your 3D software.

Experience Size

4km x 4km x 4km (4096m) square
TowerX 2800ft copy


Male avatar is 0.8m wide, 1.71m (~5'8") tall

Steps / Stairs

Maximum rise (height of one riser) 0.20m or 20cm
This height is based on tests of both male and female avatars by Ethos Erlanger using a single step.
A 0.20 meter gauge block is available on the Sansar Store at no cost:
Minimum run (depth) 0.26m or 26cm


Maximum climbable slope 59 degrees


Bounding box

A camera bounding box is automatically generated when building a scene.
If you are having issues with your camera clipping outside this bounding box consider adding your own invisible bounding boxes around the experience.
This will allow you to set where the camera clipping boundary is, and if you make it a physical bounding box, prevent people from walking off the edge of the world.