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Welcome to the Unofficial Sansar Creators Wiki

The team behind Sansar have provided us with some great ways to share tips and hints for content creation, the aim of this Wiki is to get it all into one place so we can search it and find things we need much easier.

Discord channels and our In-World communications are revealing a wealth of information on how best to build and create in Sansar. This is an attempt to get it all in one searchable location.

This wiki is not officially authorized by or affiliated with Sansar nor the company Linden Lab. All image and post copyright remains with the content creator. Posters are requested to give credit and ensure permission has been obtained for all material not owned by the page author posted on this wiki.

All text found on this website unless otherwise stated is owned by the person who posted it. Please do not reproduce any of this original material without first asking permission.

If there is any content on the this wiki that you feel is questionable due to copyright, please feel free to contact Idrid via discord or Sansar.

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Help on how to use the functions of the wiki are available here. Feel free to make use of any features that are available. Make new pages, re-organise content into sub pages etc etc. This is meant to be a community resource, so tweak it as a community so we get the best resource at the end of it all!

Sansar Creators

Hopefully we can all edit as we wish and build this into a community driven wiki where we can share our tips and tricks for all the facets of content creation in Sansar.

Please check out the post guidelines before editing or creating any content on this wiki.

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